The Semiofest experience

Right from its first edition, we have been active participants (and fans) of Semiofest, a celebration of semiotic thinking. This event (probably the first in the world about applied semiotics) was born from the Semiotic Thinking Group in Linkedin. Chris Arning, Lucia Neva and Hamsini Shivkumar made it happen: 60 people from over 20 countries met in London in 2012.

This enthusiasm led us to propose Barcelona as the host city for 2013. We won the bid, and along with a group of students from IED (Karitas McCrann, Nicole Castillo, Kimberly O’Donoghue and Arturo Rojas), Gabriela Pedranti organized the second edition, with 75 delegates from over 20 countries.

Ximena Tobi presented her findings on Facebook and radio stations, which she calls “The Mamushka effect”.

You can check a review on London 2012 here; and one on Barcelona 2013 here. And if you want good reasons for hosting Semiofest, click here.

Shanghai was the chosen city for 2014. You can read Chris Arning’s report on the event here. Some of the great photos can be seen here.

Once again, Chris wrote an excellent article about Paris event. Check it here.

You can check our account of Tallinn 2016 and of course, Chris Arning’s.

For more information about the event, visit the official web.

You can also access the local websites, with the material of each edition:

2012 – London

2013 – Barcelona

2014 – Shanghai

2015 – Paris

2016 – Tallinn

2017 – Toronto

2018- Mumbai



Paris 2015 edition

Ximena Tobi during her presentation.

Ximena Tobi during her presentation.

Round table - Semiotics and technology in the 21st century.

Round table – Semiotics and technology in the 21st century.

Here you have a video from the Barcelona edition, 2013: Gabriela Pedranti taking part in the Round Table about Semiotics and Education. You can check the rest of them here.

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